Don't know how to up the challenge? Here's the quick answer.

Increasing the challenge of your scentwork searches can be done in a variety of ways. This clear, concise infographic not only suggests options but also gives tips for successful upskilling.

Chock full of ideas for you to learn and practise individually. As your team's skill increases you can start to combine the factors, further upping the challenge. Mixing and matching different elements will help your team achieve your goals. You might want to increase duration, boost concentration or foster confidence. Clever use of search elements will get you and your dog there.

This quick, easy reference can be used as inspiration or reminder on your phone. Or as a handout or poster in your scentwork class.

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Increasing the Challenge

To learn about all the elements in the infographic in more detail, head over to the Increasing the Challenge course. I'll teach you how to you increase the challenge without decreasing the fun.

Now that your dog has learned to search for a specific scent and you have learned how to use the search plan, you're ready to increase the challenge.

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