Miss an indication, miss a find, miss out.

Love canine body language? Love scentwork?

You’ll love these printables.

Spotting those changes in body language that let's you know your dog has found the target is crucial to scentwork success. It's not easy. That's why I designed these printables to help you out. Spotting the signs allows you to support your dog to a successful search.

Talking Dogs Scentwork® keeps dogs at the centre of the activity. Rather than imposing a behaviour on them, we allow the dogs to choose how they let us know that they've found the scent. This means that we learn from them.

Don't be fooled though - even if you've taught a passive indication, the faster your spot those early signs the better your dog will perform. There's never a reason to sit back to let the dog do all the work. Successful scentwork is all about teamwork.

If you can’t see your dog’s indications, everything else falls apart.

Using these printables you'll be spotting indications early and accurately.

Never miss an indication again!

"I didn't see the indication."

It's one of the most common worries that I hear from handlers again and again. They understand that missing an ideation can set up doubt in the dog's mind, can erode confidence and destroy teamwork. Learning what to look for is a skill that takes time and practise. I've designed this printables set to help you really see what your dog is telling you. Once you know the signs that your dog has hit the target scent, you can act to support her in tracking it back to the source of the scent.

This set comprises three parts:

  1. Explainer for why you need to see indications 
  2. Chart of the most common indications
  3. Checklist to aid observation and learn your dog's indications 

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Scentwork Body Language Deep Dive

Would you like to learn more about indications? Understanding when your dog is indicating and when she's not is essential to your scentwork success.

Are you seeing an indication? Or interest? Or investigation? What's the difference?

My Indications Masterclass gives you the answers.

Included in the Masterclass is the Indications Printables set,

and lots more!