scent 101 infographics set

Scent 101 Infographics Set

Where there’s air, there’s scent. Where air moves, scent also moves. But how and why? If you are asking your dog to search for a target scent, the more you can learn about how that target scent behaves the better you will be able to work and teach your dog successfully. Understanding how scent responds in different environments, with a variety of materials and at different temperatures gives you valuable information when setting up searches and search plans.

Using clear, colourful graphics, this set comprises downloadable and printable infographics on :

  1. Elements
  2. Materials
  3. Flow
  4. Scent Picture
  5. Contamination 

In addition to an explainer page, I've included a fun quiz that will help learners test their knowledge on some scent fundamentals.

This is a great resource for trainers to handout in class, use as posters at training venues and to support clients. But also for non-trainers to stick on your fridge to help you learn how air and scent behave.

Graphics are colourful so that they stand out. But all have a white background for ease of printing.

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