Stop guessing, start planning

This printables pack makes it easy for you to devise the perfect scentwork search. If you can’t set up a perfect search you will not reach your goals. Using these printables, you can better understand what you need to do to get the outcome you want. Whether you want to increase your dog’s search stamina, or help her pay more attention to you, these one of a kind printables will quickly become your go-to resource.

The pack comprises 7 printables:

  1. Guide to Setting Search Solutions
  2. Skills Chart
  3. Setting Goals Chart
  4. Goals Chart
  5. Search scenario set-up sheets for Foundation,
  6. Intermediate and
  7. Advanced searches

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Design the Perfect Search

This course will help you make great choices that will allow your scentwork team enjoy every single search.

Understanding why to set goals, and how to figure out what those goals should be for you and for your dog, is key to having a fulfilling and successful time with scentwork. No more frustration. No more over- or under-estimating your challenge level. With this course I give you the tools to find your perfect starting place and set out the perfect search for your team.

The Search Setting Solutions pack is included with this course.