The more you work with your dog, the more skills you'll want. You need to know how to make a search last longer. Identify goals and learn how to hide articles in just the right place. How to keep track of what you've searched. When to step in to help your dog and when to stop and observe. Being able to work your dog off lead and for her to bring you back the scented article makes life so much easier. You can learn all these skills in this bundle of 4 courses:

Design the Perfect Search

Scentwork Skills

Support Skills

Masterclass - SAS Handling Skills

dog with scentwork skills

Scentwork Skills

If you want to do anything past the very basic of searches, you need this course. Packed full of the skills you need for every scentwork search, this course is a must. It includes Safety Checks, Choosing & Using a Scentwork Harness, Directed Searches and Search Plans.

Worrying about safety or getting into bad habits can lead to less training and so begin to erode the relationship you are building with your dog. Take a breath and come with me as we explore the key skills together. With those skills your searches will have no limits!

Support Skills

This course has everything you want, even if you haven't caught the scentwork bug yet!

You want your dog to want to come back to you

You want your dog to want to bring her toy to you

You want your dog to want to play with you

You want to give your dog freedom

You want to spend your time well

You want clear steps to success

You want to enrol today!

Handling Skills

Handling skills are often overlooked, but poor handling leads to poor results, and an unsatisfying experience for both handler and dog. I'm here to help you learn why handling matters, how it affects the dog and what you can do to be a great handler.

This Masterclass is jam packed with content inc:

11 different breeds

14 search teams

16 video clips

Printable course notes

Reference list

In this bundle you will learn how:

  • to assess risk
  • to select a search harness
  • to use a search harness
  • to conduct a directed search
  • to use directed search protocols
  • to understand search plans
  • to use a search plan
  • to search corners
  • to search perimeters
  • to search interiors
  • to discover your skill level, and your dog's
  • to set appropriate goals
  • to use searches to solve problems and build skills
  • to teach recall
  • to teach retrieve
  • to teach stay
  • to teach take it
  • to teach leave
  • to teach drop
  • to teach play with toys and food
  • to teach sit, stand and down
  • to identify resource guarding
  • and why handling is important
  • and why not handling is bad
  • to move efficiently and effectively
  • to recognise that your dog needs support
  • to respond appropriately to your dog

And ultimately, you will learn the skills that will turn you and your dog into a wonderful scentwork team.

Save £78 with this bundle!

Enrolling on each course separately would cost you a total of £426.90