In this bundle you will learn how:

  • to assess risk
  • to select a search harness
  • to use a search harness
  • to conduct a directed search
  • to use directed search protocols
  • to understand search plans
  • to use a search plan
  • to search corners
  • to search perimeters
  • to search interiors
  • to discover your skill level, and your dog's
  • to set appropriate goals
  • to use searches to solve problems and build skills
  • to teach recall
  • to teach retrieve
  • to teach stay
  • to teach take it
  • to teach leave
  • to teach drop
  • to teach play with toys and food
  • to teach sit, stand and down
  • to identify resource guarding
  • and why handling is important
  • and why not handling is bad
  • to move efficiently and effectively
  • to recognise that your dog needs support
  • to respond appropriately to your dog

And ultimately, you will learn the skills that will turn you and your dog into a wonderful scentwork team.

This bundle will save you over £75

(compared to the price of buying each course separately)