Add a new element to your scentwork searches

Just imagine if your dog could sniff the water and tell you that her target scent was underneath.

Stop imagining, start searching!

Really! Your dog, your companion, your couch potato can actually find scent hidden underwater thanks to this new course. As ever, no expensive or fancy equipment is required. And these searches are suitable for all dogs, all breed types, all ages, searching for any scent, e.g. catnip or cheese.

If your dog doesn't like to get her paws wet, no worries. Water searches teach the dog to detect scent that has risen to the surface of the water. So there's no need for her, or you for that matter, to get in the water at all.

But if your dog is a water lover, then you can take these searches out of the garden and into the wild! Trips to the beach can now include your dog's favourite activity - sniffing! No longer will she be confined to the sand, now she can search the sea itself.

black Labrador searches back buckets of water

Perfect for dogs who don't want to get their paws wet. Or for days when you can't get to open water. The ideal way to start your dog off on water searches. Be she a water baby or a water dodger, these searches will have her sniffing a whole new element.

collie searches in open water
Open water

You don't have to confine your water searches to containers. You can hide scented articles in streams, rivers or seas. Beach searches amongst the rock pools and seaweed. River bank finds and articles submerged in streams can now be part of your scentwork challenges.

malinois indicates on block of ice
Ice and a slice?

Searching ice is wonderful on hot days. Your dog can cool down while engaging in her favourite activity. I'll let you into the secrets of searching frozen water. Plus I discuss with which other liquids you can use your new found water search skills. Outdoors only, this could get messy!


I've packed this course full of information but presented it in a way that maximises the time you spend working with your dog.

You get a full set of downloadable notes that support and add to the video lectures. Plus there's a graded quiz to help consolidate your learning. Watch and learn from the companion dogs in the clips. Lots of real life examples of dogs just like yours having the best time using their noses.

So jump in and get your feet wet today!


Maximum information, minimum time

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Tired of only searching land?

Time to take to the water!

Great Dane or Chihuahua, your dog can do this. And you can teach her. Such an impressive extra to add to your scentwork skills, water searches will amaze and surprise you.