Yay, you're ready to move up a level!

You've taught your dog how to find a specific scent, but what now?

How do you develop concentration? How to you build teamwork? How do you succeed together? Simple - you enrol on this course!

I know that you want to be able to search exciting places but still keep your dog safe from harm.

And I know that you want your dog to work in more detail but keep searching fun, but you're not sure of how best to achieve that.

I even know that you want to be able to search for longer and be more efficient, but don't know how to do that.

Never worry, I know how to help you achieve all that. I walk you through all these issues, sharing my knowledge and experience. I'll show you the most effective techniques to make every search more effective, more efficient and most importantly, more exciting for you and your scentwork dog.

Here's a sneak peak of what's inside this course.

The skills you need for every search are right here

Make no mistake. If you love scentwork, you need this course. You simply can't move forward without the skills you'll learn here.

Handling skills are the backbone of great scentwork. This course is your first opportunity to learn how to address your role in the scentwork partnership. I discuss how to move and communicate with your dog. And in a new lesson I take a look at some of the most common handling issues.

You will also discover 4 key skills of scentwork:

  1. Directed searches
  2. Search plan
  3. Safety checks
  4. Harness use

Directed Searches make up the majority of all searches once you've taught your dog the basics of how to sniff. You will use them in every search. Without them you waste time, energy and efficiency. Plus you'll miss more than you find!

We look in depth at why we need Search Plans, and how to execute the search patterns that make up the Search Plan so that you and your dog can move another step closer to working like a professional detector dog team. With footage showing the difference between working with or without a plan, you will easily see why they are an essential element of scentwork.

I teach you all the search patterns that make up the plan, and the role each one plays.

I will also walk you through Safety Checks, the pre-search risk assessments that will keep you and your dog safe while sniffing. And I show you how to select and use the right scentwork harness for your dog.

A booklet containing all the course notes plus graded quizzes ensure you get the best from the course, and on completion you will receive a graduation certificate.

Scentwork Skills is the next stage after you have completed the Teach your dog to sniff!, Puppy Scentwork or Senior Scentwork course. Or the in-person Scent 1 workshop.

NEW: Course Booklet

Each section has it's own notes that support and add to the accompanying video lessons. You can now download the course notes booklet. This means all the notes can be kept together which makes it easy to refer to whenever you want. 

Included with this course

With so many harnesses to choose from, selecting the right one can seem impossible. This guide helps you find the right scentwork harness. Fit for purpose and fit for your dog. This 4 page downloadable guide shows you what to look for. Using photos and text, I take you through the options, highlighting what to look for and what to avoid. And that’s not all. I guide you through how to use a harness safely and effectively. I finish up by giving you a resource list of my recommended harnesses. This comes complete with active links to take you right to their websites.

You can do this!