It can be exhausting and frustrating living with a tireless dog, one with boundless energy and no off switch! These dogs often find it hard to concentrate, to listen and respond to you, and to feel calm and relaxed.

This course teaches you how to harness your dog's natural ability to sniff and to use this skill to improve your life, and your dog's life. By engaging with your dog in an activity that she already loves you can quickly help your dog to pay more attention to you, to be able to concentrate and in turn feel tired and relaxed. Calm dogs live longer (stress has been shown to be detrimental to the health of dogs and people), are happier and are more rewarding companions.

I know it can be scary to set a new goal. Would I be wrong to say that dog training isn't as easy as it looks? I have taught so many dogs and coached so many people that this training method has been tested and honed to within an inch of it's life. I know you can do it and I know that your dog will love it!

I've designed this course to allow all dogs to learn how to search for a specific scent for fun. This means that all advice is positive reward based, designed to help all dogs, whether food or toy oriented, no matter their age or breed type, and requires zero prior training or scentwork experience. Really - your dog doesn't have to know anything before learning how to sniff for a specific scent.

You can aim for a brighter future with your dog if you can work together, play together

and have a better understanding of each other.

You know this. But you might be thinking that you can't learn dog training online, or that it will be too complicated or too time consuming. Would I have had a successful 30 year career as a dog trainer if I didn't know how to break skills down into achievable steps? Or if I couldn't explain why to choose one method over another without drowning you in a sea of jargon? You're smart, you know when something isn't genuine and you know when claims are made if they smell true or not.

What I know is that teaching scentwork has been life changing for me and for my clients. It's emotional, it's inspirational and it's magical - to see our pet dogs strutting their scentwork stuff brings such strong feelings of pride and respect, who wouldn't want to feel that?

Teach your dog to sniff is my most popular course

Your pet dog will be a detector dog by the end of this course

Those who play together, stay together

Enhance your relationship with your dog while learning new skills

Learn in the comfort of your own home

No need to be out in wet, muddy fields or chilly village halls

Julie loved this course!

I had been struggling to teach my dog scent discrimination for obedience as she found the whole exercise dull. I enrolled in the course with low expectations, however right from the start, Lulu loved what we are doing, picked up everything so well and is now a scent monster. She even squeals with excitement when I say “shall we play find Ratty” would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to do that little bit more with their dog.

Julie Johnson  

Course Preview

Here's what the course looks like: a mix of demonstrations, explanations and advice.

I take you through all the core steps to begin your scentwork journey: from choosing the scent for your dog to detect, to preparing the scented articles, to your first searches. I'll be with you every step of the way, giving advice and showing you how to succeed. See how to get the most from scentwork by watching videos of dogs learning, demonstrating each step so that you can easily follow along.

Graded quizzes ensure you get the best from the course, and on completion you will receive a graduation certificate. Plus with our bonus lectures, discover how the dog's nose works and how scent works. Follow the advice in these lectures so that by the end of this course you will have taught your dog to find a specific scent. Brilliant! 

'My dog loves our scentwork games'

This short course is absolutely packed full of information and I needed to watch the videos a few times to pick everything up. Practical demos were really helpful and made it very easy to get started. 

Anne Coulson  

Hi, I’m Pam Mackinnon, with my clever labrador Cherry Blossom

I'm here to guide you through this course, to take you by the hand, or leash, and help you to become a scentwork team. I've coached thousands of dogs and people throughout my 30 years, and still nothing gives me more pleasure than those lightbulb moments when the team understands the task and achieves the skill.

We all start somewhere and my job is to share my experience to make it easy for you and your dog be a successful scentwork team. I've combined my operational experience as a drug detector dog handler with HM Customs with my long career as a pet dog trainer and behaviour consultant to bring you this proven method of teaching your dog to sniff for a specific scent.

Let's get you sniffing today!

It can be daunting to sign up to an online course for the first time.

If I said you could enrol on a course but if you found that it wasn't right for you, if the style or the content wasn't what you were expecting, you had to suck it up, would you still sign up?

Neither would I! With all my courses you can get a full refund if the course, or I, don't live up to expectations, if I fail to deliver on my promises.

I know it can be scary to invest your hard earned money without a safety net, so I don't want you to worry about jumping in.

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Once you've enrolled in the school or on a course, you will be able to join our exclusive Instagram group. This is where we can share our scentwork journeys, inspire each other and stay connected as we learn with our dogs. 

It is also where I will have live sessions where you can ask questions in real time, talk through challenges and dig even deeper into the world of scentwork.