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Is your dog tireless? Is she always on the go, can't relax, can't settle, doesn't pay attention to you? I will teach you how to bring canine calmness to your life and have a more attentive, more responsive and happier dog. Teach your dog to go from ignoring you to ADORING you as you turn your pet dog into a detector dog.

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Welcome! You've just made a great discovery that I know will make your dog happy

I'm so excited that you have found me and my online scentwork school! Playing scentwork games with my dog is one of my all time favourite activities and to be able to share that joy with you is a real privilege. Even though I was a professional detector dog handler, when it came to teaching my pet dog those same sniffing skills I quickly learned that my dog needed different support and a different style of teaching. With no suitable resources - 'after all, pet dogs can't be detector dogs!' (yes, people really said that to me) - I devised my own system. Based on best practice and firmly founded in operational skill sets, I combined my scentwork skills with my long experience of teaching all sorts of pet dogs. An instant success with my clients, Talking Dogs Scentwork® was born.

And now it's your turn to get involved. Don't limit your dog, don't limit yourself. I've made it super easy to learn step by step all the skills you'll need to be a super scentwork team. In as little as 10 minutes you can teach your dog to identify a specific scent and before you know it, you will be searching like a pro! You don't have to be a dog trainer, all you need is a dog, a scent and a reward and off you go. If you, or your dog, have limitations, scentwork is for you. Every person and every dog can get involved. You and your dog can work together as little or as often as you want, indoors or outdoors, with tricky or straightforward searches that suit your skill levels and ambitions.

Whatever you are looking for, be it help to focus your dog, help her to adore you rather than ignore you or simply teach your dog a fabulous skill for fun, or you want to deep dive into scentwork because you are already obsessed, or you want to learn how to teach it to your clients, I have the right course for you.

Choose from:

Our Core courses will help you turn your pet dog into a detector dog,

Our Pro-Track courses will help get you ready to add scentwork to your dog school courses.

Both the Core and the Pro-Track courses are open to everyone, there is so much to learn you should never put limits on what you can do. And the new Masterclasses are so choc full of invaluable information that they are a must professionals and non-professionals alike.

  • No more wondering if your dog is indicating or not.
  • No more puzzling over how to move or where to go.

I can't wait for you to get started, so come on in and enjoy Detector Dog School!

So come on in, let's get sniffing!

"TDS Detector School is the place to go if you want to gain skills which will deepen your connection with your dog. The courses are easy to follow and each stage is explained clearly and in depth. These courses are fun!"


Joining the school today is the first step on your scentwork journey. By joining Detector Dog School you join the family. You will receive information on courses, get the weekly blog, and be the first to know about new courses, offers and new products to support you and your dog. Joining means that you don't have to set up your password, etc. when you enrol on your first course. All that is already sorted. Leaving you more time to go sniffing with your dog.

Of course, if you know which course you'd like to start with and can't wait to begin, you can enrol right away.

Either way, I've so much to show you. You'll be amazed and proud when you see just how clever your sniffer dog is!

I have recently bought the first online course ‘Teach your dog to sniff’. Your style is great. Everything is very clear and well explained. I have watched it through once to understand what it’s all about and am just planning starting with my dog. I love the fact that I can go back to it at any time. Really helpful!"

- Gemma Fesemeyer

"The courses have been packed with really clear, useful information. The videos are exremely watchable, and it was great to also have a printout to refer to during my training sessions. After the course I had a very clear training plan in my head, and my dog now has another fun game to play“

- Karen Cameron

Students from all over the world love my courses.

Current enrolments include students from Finland, Denmark, Spain, USA & UK

Our feedback surveys show that students find the courses:

  • practical
  • high quality
  • reliable
  • meet their needs
  • excellent value for money
  • they are extremely likely to enrol on more of my courses

The course is great and is well structured taking you through how to get started and how to progress. Starting with a three step process to introducing the scent article to the pup and getting their interest .. and moving onto puppy starter searches. There is also a really interesting section on how the scent sense develops in dogs. The videos accompanying the training were really clear and I liked the little quiz, which made sure I’d taken it all in and understood 😊.

I have followed this advice over the last few months and Jamie has really taken to scentwork ... he LOVES it and has improved.

The Puppy Scentwork course works 👍

- Colette Turner, with Finley and Jamie (& Ellie)

Puppy Scentwork

Can't resist anything where puppies & scentwork are concerned & loved this. Not to give too much away but really interesting about the research on development of sense of smell. Nice to focus solely on pups & loved that video explanation of the trust & confidence in play relationships with puppies. Tailoring scentwork for this age group is so important.

- Kirsty Corsar, with Zest

Puppy Scentwork

I just love the way Pam explains everything, leaving nothing to chance. So, even though I wanted something that was just a fun game for my dog to enrich his life and build our relationship the course had enough depth to ensure we got it right but didn't bog us down too much detail either if that makes sense!

- Teach your dog to Sniff!


I've had the privilege of teaching scentwork to many of the top trainers in the UK, including:

Sarah Whitehead

Sian Ryan

Chirag Patel

Tamsin Durston

Julie Bedford

Jo-Rosie Haffenden

Now it's your turn. Come learn with me and together we can give all pet dogs the opportunity to become detector dogs.


Personal Coaching

Now you can add personal coaching with me (Pam) to any course, or as a stand alone service. With my help you can better understand how to help your individual dog, clarify learning and understand where to go next. With me in your corner, there will be no stopping you!