Over ten years ago I pioneered scentwork for companion dogs across the UK.

If you want more scentwork, better relationships, happier dogs, come learn with me at Talking Dogs Scentwork®'s Detector Dog School.

I have to pinch myself to believe that it's twelve since Talking Dogs Scentwork® was born. Twelve years, thousands of dogs and handlers, and countless laughs, surprises and gasps of awe as our dogs astounded and delighted us with the power of their noses.

I am so thankful for all the clients who bought into my concept of supportive scentwork. Humans supporting canines as we all work towards common goals. I'm not just talking about the goal of finding the target scent, but of the ultimate goal of helping our dogs feel confident as we build trust and partnerships with them.

My foolproof system is used in more than 24 countries by thousands of dog lovers just like you.

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Scentwork for all

Using my supportive scentwork system, every dog can not only benefit from, but can experience joy and pleasure when engaging in Talking Dogs Scentwork®

Dogs who can be reative with other dogs and/or people have quickly learned that we offer a safe space for them to relax and learn.

Dogs who are starting to lose mobility or who are differently abled from other dogs find themselves shoulder to shoulder with their peers, their noses doing just as fine a job as all the others.

We have welcomed, and continue to welcome, handlers in wheelchairs, with walking aids, with autism and with mental challenges.

Dogs and handlers both young and old, complete novices and experienced trainers have all succeed with Talking Dogs Scentwork®

The supportive scentwork offered by Talking Dogs Scentwork® has proved time and time again that excellence can walk, or sniff, hand in hand with inclusivity. Nobody should feel excluded or belittled for having a certain breed of dog or a disability or for not having years of experience or a deep understanding of learning theory.

My core values and long experience remain the same:


Lynda Salmon says

I would just like to say how wonderful it is since I discovered Scentwork.

It has enabled me to have the most fantastic relationship with my dog better than I could have expected. We often have to travel long distances and knowing that I can set up an exciting but ultimately relaxing search enroute makes these journeys far less stressful.

Thank you from Poppy and myself.


So many teams have gained more than a certificate. Although it's always exciting to earn recognition for your achievements, it's even more exciting to see the change in your dog and in your relationship together.

Val Ford says

Over the years I have tried many different dog training activities but Talking Dogs Scentwork® is the ‘Creme De La Creme’. It’s brilliant! Dogs love it, handlers love it and ALL DOGS CAN DO IT! TDS provides dogs and handlers with essential mental and physical exercise. It strengthens the bond between dog and handler. TDS can be done anywhere - indoors or out. Truffle, my 14 year old Working Cocker, still enjoys daily searches for her ‘mice’. It keeps her alert and active. I’m so pleased I discovered Pam. I would recommend TDS to all dog owners.

Louise Bater says

As an Elite Trainer for Talking Dogs Scentwork I can confidently say that this is the most wonderful approach to teaching pet dogs the fabulous world of scentwork.

No pressure on dog or handler, everything is relaxed and quite simply, FUN! I adore teaching Talking Dogs Scentwork and it was an excellent journey from my very first Scent 1 workshop all the way up to Elite Trainer status. 

I love watching the different dog-handler teams and coaching them through their scentwork journeys. Each dog is different and the teaching is tailored to suit. Not only can you learn Talking Dogs Scentwork in-person at workshops around the country, you can also learn from Pam's Detector Dog courses online - fab! Not only that, live online classes are also available. So there really is something to suit everyone. 

No matter what the breed, what the experience or ability of handler, Talking Dogs Scentwork is the place to go for everything fun when it comes to scentwork training with your dog. 

What are you waiting for? 

Nicola Donovan says

A young pup who couldn’t settle before bed, a middle aged dog who needed both physical and mental stimulation and an older dog with limited mobility that deserved enrichment in her twilight years. This was our scentwork journey and Talking Dogs Scentwork® our supportive extended scentwork family . 

We made life long friends, we made a journey together, our bond as dog and handler became so strong and trusting, we learnt together, we were AMAZED together and we laughed! 

We didn’t need lots of costly equipment or a specific location. We could enjoy the scenting with friends or alone. We just employed some junk, open spaces and an imagination - you can engage in scentwork anywhere. Get sniffing and enjoy your scentwork adventures. I cannot recommend Talking Dogs Scentwork® highly enough.

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Digital Resources

You can now buy all these digital products here at Detector Dog School. No more flipping between websites. Simply buy scentwork printables and ebooks here.

Most are included in many of my courses. But if you want a particular product without enrolling on the course, you now have that option.

Rachael Wherry says

 I found out about ‘Talking Dog Scentwork’ when Skye was a puppy and we went through the whole programme together. The teaching on the programme is very clear and I progressed from a complete beginner to achieving my accreditation as a handler. Although Skye has done all sorts of activities with me over the years (she’s going to be 7 next week) scentwork is her absolute favourite and we still ‘play’ searching very regularly. Just last Sunday we set up a search in and around rocks on the beach and had a great time. For ideas we’ve been supported by Pam’s excellent blog during lockdown.

Barbara Weir says

Just want to say how much Hannah, my rescue Gordon Setter, and I enjoyed the scentwork classes. Hannah was not a toy oriented dog but CHEESE!! Oh boy!! Your well explained lessons and good humoured approach was fantastic. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience all the way through to the end to becoming a handler!! Thank you so much. Would recommend TDS to everyone!!

Allyson Tohme KCAI (WTA) CAP 1, CAP 2 says

Why do I like Talking Dogs Scentwork®?

Because it is inclusive, not exclusive. Whether the dog or handler is in the first flush of youth or a more “seasoned campaigner”; either or both are performance athletes or confined to wheels; one is the product of a pedigree as long as your arm or a Heinz 57; one lives on a landed estate or in more modest surroundings it is an activity accessible to all.

It focuses on what is in the best interests of the dog, not the those of a “system” or style; it is co-operative not competitive and is centred around the activity rather than apparatus.

But most of all because it is a source of fun not frustration.

Our feedback surveys show that students find the courses:

  • practical

  • high quality

  • reliable

  • meet their needs

  • are excellent value for money

  • they are extremely likely to enrol on more of my courses

So many have gone before you. These courses are tried and tested. And I'm constantly reviewing, updating and improving the content to ensure the information remains current, reliable and student friendly.

Fiona McLean says

Talking Dogs Scentwork® has been the very best of the many activities that Scampi and I have tried. It's the one we stick with and the one that comes out of the tin on days when the weather is horrid, when Scampi is feeling anxious and stressed or when we just want a bit of fun for the pair of us! As the owner of an anxious and reactive dog, scentwork has helped me see Scampi in a whole new light. It empahsises her brilliance rather than her difficulties. It has strengthened our bond as we work as a little team. I've dipped into other brands of scentwork which require a passive indication but nothing seems to be as much fun for Scampi as Talking Dogs Scentwork where Scampi can search out and play with the find. I also love that it's something we will be able to do even as Scampi (and I) get older and less agile. I loved working through the workshops with the progressively more difficult and more exciting searches. I made friends for life through TDS.  The joy that Scampi displays when that scentwork tin appears is worth it's weight in gold!

I've had the privilege of teaching scentwork to many top trainers. Look at any of our scentwork organisations in the UK and you'll likely find that those trainers started with me.

Now it's your turn. You deserve the same high quality of training that those trainers received. So if you are a professional looking to learn scentwork with your own dog or teach scentwork to clients. Or you just want to spend quality time learning alongside your own dog, come learn with me. I will guide you as your beloved dog learns how to be a detector dog and as you learn more about her than you ever imagined.

spaniel indicating on a tree

Helen Heffron says

Having an anxious, reactive dog is very difficult. Training classes often left both of us frustrated and disheartened.

Then we discovered Talking Dogs Scentwork® and loved it from day one. I love that everything about TDS is centred around the individual dog - what you search for, the types of searches you do, even asking other dogs to leave the room if needed. I also learnt to trust my dog, and he learnt that I was there to help and support him and for the first time we were actually working as a team.

He adores scentwork, from the carefully controlled searches that kept him sane during periods of crate rest/restricted exercise to digging up tiny bits of cloth buried on a beach - the possibilities are endless and the best thing is that he always 'wins'

NEW : Memberships

I'm excited to bring you my new memberships. These tiered memberships have been curated to meet your scentwork needs.

Each tier comprises specific courses and resources. Simply pick the one that suits you and your dog best.


Pro is designed specifically for trainers who want to learn more about scentwork for their own dogs. For trainers who want to add supportive scentwork as a new service option. And for non-trainers who absolutely adore scentwork and want to learn as much as they can to enhance their scentwork partnerships. 


Growth will take you from complete beginner to experienced scentworker. Most likely growth members will already have done a little scentwork and know they want to learn more. But it's also suitable for super keen beginners. 


Core sets you and your dog up to learn the foundations of scentwork. This will take you from complete novice to a scentwork team that can work both simple and complex searches. The perfect tier if you're ready to dip your toe in the scentwork water.


Each level also gives members access to dedicated private Facebook groups. Perfect for sharing searches, posting pics, and giving and receiving support from fellow scentworkers as well as me.

happy Cherry labrador

Pro is my all access membership - all the courses and all the resources. Enrolling on all these courses would cost you over £1500, and I can't even begin to quantify the value of all their content!

You will also have access to my 'done for you' library of resources including infographics, trackers, guides and books. I'm always adding new resources which you will have access to the minute they're available - and at no extra cost!

Oh, and did I mention the exclusive content? I will be making resources and content just for you. From specific member requests to compilations and brand new materials, all only available to Pro members. Talk about the icing on the cake!

Happy Ella JRT

With this membership you will have access to 10 courses and the 11 downloads you can see in this montage - which would cost you over £750 to buy individually. This combination sets you and your dog up to learn the foundations of scentwork right through to specialist searches. You'll learn about target scents, how to design searches and set goals. You'll learn about planning and safety and about how to search everything from cardboard boxes to postal sacks to vehicles.

Happy Ettie terrier

With this membership you will have access to 6 courses and 6 downloads. This combination sets you and your dog up to learn the foundations of scentwork. They will take you from complete novice to a scentwork team that can work both simple and complex searches. You'll learn how to choose a target scent, introduce this to your dog and set up starter searches. Then you'll move on to learning the search patterns and techniques that will allow you to search anything and everything. 

labrador scentworker

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Q. How is Talking Dogs Scentwork® different from other scentwork providers?

A. We were the first UK national scentwork organisation which makes us the most experienced in Europe and beyond.

NACSWA started in the USA 5 years earlier with a similar aim - to bring scentwork to all dogs - but went down a different path to us, choosing to set up competitions using passive indications.

We are a non-competitive provider as we believe that scentwork is more beneficial and satisfying without the pressure of competing. There are numerous competitive providers but few non-competitive. We remain at the forefront of companion dog scentwork providing effective, accessible training for all breed types, all abilities and all levels of experience.

Q. Do you work using active or passive indications?

A. We teach active indications. This allows the dog to retrieve the scented article rather than perform a pre-trained behaviour when she hits the target scent. This gives dogs the freedom to respond instinctively and naturally. In turn this keeps our training fully accessible to every dog no matter temperament, behaviour or health.

Q. Does this mean that if I work using passive indications your courses are not suitable for my scentwork team?

A. Not at all! All the techniques, skills and search types can be used for passive as well as active indicating dogs.

Q. What sort of training do you use?

A. We use non-compulsive, non-punitive, scientific, reward based techniques.

Q. Are these courses only for professional dog trainers?

A. Definitely not! I formed the company specifically for non-pro dogs and their people. As time went on, I developed more courses for those who already had some experience or who wanted to teach scentwork as part of their professional services. Students will find courses and content no matter their experience.

Q. Do I need to have a specific breed of dog to be successful with this training?

A. No! All breeds and breed types can be successful with Talking Dogs Scentwork® Our methods do not require any specific type of physical or behavioural traits. We've trained Chihuahuas and Great Danes, Jack Russells and Deerhounds, Leonbergers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers. And everything in between. All are welcome. All can succeed.

Q. At what age can my dog start scentworking?

A. Pups as young as 10 weeks, seniors as old as 15 years and every age in between can successfully enjoy Detector Dog School courses.

Q. If me or my dog have physical, mental or emotional challenges can we be successful scentworkers?

A. Absolutely! All our training can be tailored to you and your dog's specific needs. Whether you are in wheelchair, or your dog is deaf. Whether you are anxious, or your dog is reactive, Talking Dogs Scentwork® can work for you!

Q. How long do I have access to courses that I enrol in?

A. You have lifetime access to all courses that you enrol into directly, i.e. not through the membership subscription.

Q. What does lifetime access mean?

A. Lifetime access refers to the lifetime of the school. As long as Detector Dog School remains open, you will have access to the courses you're directly enrolled in.

Q. Why should I enrol directly onto a course rather than subscribing to a membership?

A. This is best if you want lifetime access to courses, especially those with lots of video lessons. Often students want to return to courses to revise and review specific clips and lessons. For example, if you're teaching scentwork to clients you might not have seen a certain behaviour or come across a certain aspect. Being able to return to the course to find answers at a later date is extremely useful.

The same applies if you've been working through courses with one dog but then get a second dog who behaves and responds differently. You've already got access to the info but you might need to pay more attention to different lessons with your new dog.

Q. Why should I subscribe to a membership rather than enrolling into a course directly?

A. You might want to try before you buy. Or you might want access to as many courses and as much content as you can for the best price. You might also want to be part of our Facebook community, sharing and learning with and from fellow scentworkers.

Q. Are Talking Dogs Scentwork® and Detector Dog School part of the same company?

A. Yes, Detector Dog School is the online school for Talking Dogs Scentwork®