Detector Dog Search Workbook

Searches designed to inspire and motivate your search team


I’ve written this Search Workbook to give you a jumping off point, a series of searches to act as guides as you and your dog build skills and experience in scentwork together. The perfect companion to the Detector Dog courses.

Each of the 20+ searches lays out suggested resources that will help increase your understanding of the specific search, lists the equipment you will need, and how much time each search should take. I’ve also included what you should look for from the search along with learning goals for both and your dog. The workbook is split into three sections, Starter, Intermediate and Advanced so that you can easily find searches at the right level for your search team. If you work through each search in book order, you will find that each builds upon the previous search. But you will also see that there are Specialist Searches, such as baggage and vehicle, where you might decide to focus on one specialism and work through the all the searches for that topic. Use the workbook to learn how to set the goals and the searches that will help you reach those goals. Take the searches directly from the workbook, or adapt them. Be creative, be thoughtful, progress gradually rather than taking huge leaps and most of all, make sure your dog is having fun with you.

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20+ searches set out with recommended learning resources, equipment, learning goals for you and your dog, three challenge levels, including key skill searches and specialised searches - the perfect companion to the Detector Dog courses.

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